Shall We Live Again? by Jerry Vines

Job 11-14
Jerry Vines

Job is grappling with the ultimate question of life. Job thinks he's dying. He's sitting on an ashheap.
He has wasted away to nearly nothing. He's scraping himself with a broken piece of pottery. His body
is covered from top to bottom with running, pus-filled sores and he thinks he's dying. He believes he has
a disease which is not only incurable, it is also terminal.
Of course, Job nor his friends know what you and I know. We know that there is a behind-the-
scenes story going on which is beyond the understanding and scope of Job at this particular time. Job is
a test case to see if a man will serve God for God Himself rather than serving God for what he can get out
of it. We know that Job is not going to die. He is going to live a long time, but keep in mind that Job
doesn't know what we know.
Job has lost his wealth and his health. He has lost his family and it appears he is losing his friends.
He is holding on desperately to his faith. As you look at this dialog between Job and his friends you will
find that Job, holding on to his faith, goes through the same experiences that you and I do in the wrestle of
faith. Sometimes his faith rises; other times it falls. It's like a yo yo - up and down. Sometimes you will
read Job and he will be down in the pit, barely holding on. At other times you will read Job and he will be
on the pinnacle saying some of the greatest statements of faith in God to be found anywhere in all of
revealed Scripture.
Zophar is the speaker in chapter 11. Zophar represents the voice of orthodoxy. His is the answer
of legalism. He is the one who always has a pat answer, a quick and authoritative answer to every problem ...

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