by Jerry Vines

Luke 16:1-11
Jerry Vines

It is interesting to me that the Lord Jesus gives a parable which talks about money in Luke 16, after
the 15th of Luke He has given us a series of stories about lost things that are found. I think the reason He
does this is this: when a person who is lost has been found, they have been saved by the Lord Jesus Christ,
one of the most important lessons they learn at that point is the right use of their money. If you learn how
to use your money properly for the Lord, it will help you learn to do a lot of important things correctly in
the Christian life. Money is a very important part of the life of everyone of us. You have to have money.
You can't get along without money. Can't buy food without money, can't drive a car and put gasoline in
it without money, money is absolutely essential. Someone has said, "Money is a universal passport to
everywhere but heaven; universal provider of everything but happiness." So, I think it is rather interesting
that the Lord Jesus has so much to say about money. Because Jesus knows that if we learn how to use
our money and not abuse our money, we will be a long way toward being what God wants us to be.
The story Jesus told here is as up-to-date as what is going on in the business world in Jacksonville
starting in the morning. All of you who are out in the business community and who are working in the
business world know about the things we face here. You have here dishonesty, you have a crooked
employee, you have price fixing. It's all right here in this story. Now, the Lord Jesus tells it in the language
and the customs of that day. Let me tell the story again to you and talk about the importance of your
money and how to use your money in a way that will be pleasing to the Lord Jesus.
Here was a ri ...

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