Golden Calves And The Book Of Life by Jerry Vines

Exodus 32
Dr. Jerry Vines

Moses was on Mount Sinai for about forty days and nights.
During that period of time, God gave to Moses the Ten Commandments on
tablets of stone. Exodus 20 gives us the account of those Ten
Commandments and chapters 21-23 gives us the application of those Ten
Commandments to the life of the people of Israel. When you read
chapters 21-23 you need to keep in mind: the cultural atmosphere of that
particular day. Also, keep in mind that there is a progress of
revelation throughout the Word of God. Today the law is fulfilled in
the commandment which says "thy shall love thy neighbor as thyself."
During that forty days and nights on Mount Sinai God gave to Moses the
Ten Commandments. What is not known by many people is that God also
gave to Moses a pattern, a detailed blueprint for a building that was to
be constructed known as the tabernacle in the wilderness. There are not
many people who are aware of this and to my knowledge it is not preached
a great deal. You will find it given to us in chapter 25-40, the
conclusion of the book of Exodus. But as you move through these
instructions and these details about the tabernacle you will come to
chapter 32 and find that for three chapters there is a parenthesis.
Right in the middle of the instructions for the tabernacle there is a
parenthesis which gives us the account of the golden calf and the great
sin of idolatry on the part of the people. Why does the Holy Spirit
give us the account of the failure of the people of God and their
construction of the golden calf? Here is the reason why. In chapter 24
when the Ten Commandments had been revealed and God had told them about
the commandments the Children of Israel said: "And Moses took the book
of the covenant and read in the audience of the people. They said all
that the Lord hath said will we do and be obedient." What presumption
that was on the part of the Children of Israel. The ...

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