The Fourth Commandment: God's Day - Burden Or Blessing by Jerry Vines

Exodus 20:8
Dr. Jerry Vines

The fourth commandment brings to a conclusion those commandments
that have to do with our relationship to God. All four of these
commandments are tied together and they tell us how we are to worship
God. Commandment number one says that we are to worship Him only. "Thou
shall worship the Lord thy God and Him only shalt thou serve."
Commandment number two say we are to worship Him correctly. We
are not to make any graven image nor are we to bow down to any image of
Number three the Bible tells us that we are to worship God
sincerely. The scripture says "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord
thy God in vain."
This fourth commandment teaches us that we are to worship the
Lord regularly. "Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy." This is
the longest of all of the commandments and it is probably the most
misunderstood. There are some groups that make this particular teaching
about the sabbath day the cornerstone of doctrine. There are some who
gauge orthodoxy on whether or not you observe the sabbath day. I want
to make it clear at the offset of this message that we are not
worshiping on the sabbath day today. This is not the sabbath day.
Yesterday, Saturday was the sabbath day. This is the first day - the
Lord's Day. We are worshiping on Sunday, not on the sabbath day.
There is a reason why this is true and it will emerge as we
study God's Word tonight. As we look into this whole subject of the
keeping of the sabbath day and what God has to say to us about it we
will discover why we are worshiping on Sunday and not on Saturday - the
sabbath day.
I want to first of all talk with you about -
I. The EXPLANATION of the Sabbath.
There are generally two extremes when it comes to this whole
matter of a day of worship. There are some who have historically and
even to this day made the day of worship a day of gloom and burden and
misery. I read just a few w ...

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