From The House Of Shame To The Hall Of Fame (2 Of 12) by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Joshua 2

The Israelites are poised on the eastern side of
Jordan, getting ready to cross over the Jordan and
invade the land of Canaan. It is the land which God
had promised to give them. It was already theirs by
promise. It must now become theirs by possession. God
had given it to them but they must claim what God had
given to them. So, an invasion is getting ready to
take place and a battle is getting ready to begin.

One of the essential points and essential
processes in the matter of warfare is reconnaissance.
It is extremely important to gain reconnaissance and
find out exactly what is going on among the enemy.
So, Joshua, the great general that he was, realizing
the importance of this, assigns two men to be spies to
go into Jericho and find out what he can about

Jericho was a city of about eight or nine acres
in square area. It had two walls around it. It was
not an exceedingly large city, but it was a vital
city. All of the main access roads to the land of
Canaan had their beginning in the city of Jericho. It
was absolutely essential that Jericho must fall if all
of the rest of the land could be taken by the
Israelites. So, the spies are sent in.

There are two mistakes that people can make about
the enemy when they get ready to go to battle. One of
them is you can underestimate the enemy. It's always
dangerous when people underestimate the enemy. Of
course, it's possible for us in the Christian life to
underestimate our enemy. There are some formidable
foes that array themselves against God's child - those
who really want to live victoriously for the Lord. In
fact, the Bible teaches that the believer has 3 great
enemies. There is the world which is our external
foe. There is the flesh which is our internal foe.
Then there is the devil who is our infernal foe. We
must n ...

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