Is The Greatest Persecution Yet Ahead...jews? by Jerry Vines

Daniel 12: 1-4
Chapter twelve begins with the word "and". "And at that
time." It connects us with what has previously gone before, in
particular, verse forty of the previous chapter. You will
notice verse forty begins "and at the time of the end". God
revealed to Daniel, centuries before the coming of the Lord
Jesus, things that have yet to come to pass, the time of the
end. Now in chapter eleven, we have the time of the end
primarily as it relates to the anti-Christ. In chapter twelve
we are going to see that it relates the time of the end
primarily to the people of Israel, God's chosen nation. I want
you to notice several things that are predicted about the time
of the end in these verses.
as they relate to the Gentile nations, to the church of the
Lord, and to the Jewish people. In verse twenty-one in
chapter twenty-four of Matthew, here is what Jesus, our Lord,
predicted. He said in verse twenty-one "then shall there be
great tribulation as was not since the beginning of the world
to this time no nor ever shall be." So Jesus said it's going
to be the greatest period of trouble the world has ever known.
Now look at verse twenty-two. "And except those days" those
days of tribulation "'should be shortened, there shall no flesh
be saved but for the elects sake" I take that to be Israel
"those days shall be shortened." So the Lord Jesus says there
is going to be a great time of trouble for the Jewish people.
Never a day like it before, never a day like it in the future.
You remember when the Lord Jesus was on the earth, He presented
Himself to His people as their Messiah. All through the
centuries they had been awaiting the coming of their Messiah.
Their prophets had foretold that the Messiah was coming. They
were waiting for their Messiah. They were looking for their
Messiah, yet when Jesus came, the Bible says "He came to His
won and His own received Him not." In fact they rejected ...

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