The Living God by Jerry Vines

Jerry Vines
The Living God
Acts 14:1-18

We are praying to God that He will make Himself real to us as we study about Him in these verses
of scripture. My subject is taken directly out of the verses which I want to read to you because I want
to speak to you on the subject, The Living God. If there is a God, and there is, if this God is really alive
and He is, would it not be reasonable to suppose that this kind of God would make some kind of effort
to make Himself known to His creation? In the scriptures we are going to study, we are going to find that
indeed the living God has revealed Himself unto men. It is possible for everyone of you tonight to come
to know the God who is alive.
Read verses 8-18
I have often wondered how it must have been to have spoken the gospel for the first time to people
who had never before heard of the Lord Jesus Christ. There are missionaries today who have that
opportunity, who go to lands where the name of Jesus has never been mentioned, where a Bible has never
been before; and for the first time they stand before people and tell them the story of Jesus Christ. It must
be indeed a very great thrill.
I think it must have been something like that when Paul, on his inaugural missionary journey, went
to these various cities and told them for the first time that God loved them, that he had proved His love
for them by sending His Son to die on the cross for their sin. New frontiers, going new places for Jesus .
A few years ago, you may remember when our astronauts made the first trip to the moon, and for
the first time, a man stepped foot on the moon. Neil Armstrong, one of the astronauts, planted a plaque
on the surface of the moon that read "We come in peace for all mankind." When Paul and Barnabas
preached the gospel in these cities, they could well have planted a plaque which read "We come preaching
the gospel of peace for all mankind."
In the opening verses of this chapter, which I have skipped, we have the account of Paul going to
the city of Iconium. In the opening 7 verses, there is a pattern which emerges, which will be fairly consistent
as we move through the book of Acts. You will discover that there are three main movements that occur,
when the gospel is preached in places where it had previously never been.

First of all, there is always decisions. Look at vs 1, "And it came to pass in Iconium that they went
both together into the synagogue of the Jews, and so spake, that a great multitude, both of the Jews and
of the Greeks, believed." In other words, they so spake, they preached in such unusual ways that people
believed and they were saved. That is always what happens when the gospel is preached. How did they
so speak? What was it that made their speech so unusual and brought such life changing occu ...

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