by Donald Cantrell

The Anthem of Thanksgiving
Donald Cantrell
Psalms 103:1-5

I - Thanksgiving Mandates Introduced (1)
A) The Immaculate Designation of our Praise (1a)
B) The Inadequate Depth of our Praise (1b)

II - Thanksgiving Memories Ignited (2)
A) The Benefactor of our Praise (2a)
B) The Benefits of our Praise (2b)

III - Thanksgiving Motives Identified (3 - 5)
A) He Forgiveth ''Our Iniquities'' (3a)
B) He Healeth ''Our Disease'' (3b)
C) He Redeemeth ''From Destruction'' (4a)
D) He Crowneth ''With Love and Mercy'' (4b)
E) He Satisfieth ''With Good Things'' (5)

Theme: ''Psalms 103 offers us the supreme anthem of thanksgiving''

Being Thankful Is a Choice

A young woman woke up early one day, she was so excited.

She said: ''This will be a wonderful day''.

She looked in the mirror to discover she only had three hairs on her head.
She thought for a while and decided she would braid her hair.

She thought that her braid with the three hairs was so pretty. She had a wonderful day. The next day the young lady awoke and said: ''This will be a wonderful day''. She looked in the mirror to discover she had only two hairs. She pondered awhile, and decided she would part her hair down the middle. So she fixed her hair real pretty by parting it down the middle.

The Lord blessed her with another wonderful day.

The next morning the lady was awakened to the sun shining so pretty. She thought within herself this is going to be a wonderful day. She looked in the mirror and she only had one hair left on her head. She gave thought to what hair-do she would wear today? She decided to put her hair up in a pony tail.

She had a very wonderful day.

The next day, she woke up; she jumped out of bed and said: ''This is going to be a wonderful day''! The Lord made this day and I will rejoice. She went over to the mirror and to her surprise she had no hair on her head. She stood and looked at herself and said: ''Praise the Lord, I do not have to worry about ...

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