The Beast Nations And The Little Horn by Jerry Vines

Daniel 7:1-8, 15-17
Dr. Vines 1/31/88
The Book of Daniel conveniently divides itself into two main
divisions. The first chapter has to do with personal matters and
practical things. We have been looking at these six chapters for a
few Sunday nights and we have drawn from the life of Daniel and his
friends the lesson God has for those who are faithful to the Lord and
will live for Him. So, the first six chapters of Daniel are personal
in nature. Beginning with Chapter 7 and going to the end of the book
of Daniel, these chapters have to do with what we call Bible
prophecy. Daniel wrote in these verses things that would take place
in the future long after his time. Of course, you know there is a
great deal of Bible prophecy in the Bible. In fact, the Bible is the
only book I'm familiar with that even runs the risk of making a
prophecy. If you predict things and those things which you predict do
not come to pass, then you are immediately repudiated and proven to
be false. No other book makes the attempt to predict things the way
the Bible does. There are several things in the Bible that are
predicted. For instance, in the Old Testament, there are specific
predictions about the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour,
into the world. Someone has pointed out, I haven't bothered to check
it to see if he is correct, that there are 333 prophecies in the Old
Testament about the first coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Before the
time of Christ, if you had taken all 333 of those prophecies and put
them all together and try to make some kind of reason or rhyme out of
them, I would say that it would defy the ability of the greatest
minda it the- history of the- world to ever put them together. Yet, on-
a lonely hillside, outside a little village called Bethlehem, there
was the announcement made to shepherds that in Bethlehem there was a
Savior born whose name would be Jesus. And in the coming of the Lord

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