Daniel in the Lions' Den by Jerry Vines

Daniel in the Lions’ Den
Dr. Jerry Vines
Daniel 6

Daniel chapter six stands as a monument to the working power, the keeping power of God. The Bible says that those who belong to the Lord are kept by the power of God until the day of salvation. God has committed himself to his children that there is nothing that can permanently damage them. He will keep them and care for them and that weapon formed against shall prosper. Daniel is a remarkable man.

The more I have considered the life of Daniel in my study of this book, the more I have come to the conclusion that Daniel was the greatest prime minister ever known in the history of human government. Daniel was a prophet statesman. He endure all through the years the changing kingdoms, the administrations that came upon the scene and passed off the scene and the Bible teaches us that in the midst of all of those changes, Daniel prospered and Daniel continued.

I remember the life of D. L. Moody, which has to be one of the most remarkable lives of a Christian man in modern times. He was never ordained a preacher. He was a lay-preacher. God used him, never was ordained to preach the gospel, to win countless thousands of people to Jesus Christ. He established an institution that exists this very night and is a monument to faithfulness to the Word of God. He did tremendous things. He was a builder. He was a man of remarkable vision. When D. L. Moody died they put on his tombstone I John 2:17:

“The world passes away and the lust thereof, but he who does the will of God abideth forever.”

That could have well been the epitaph of the life of this man, Daniel. The world and its lusts and its kingdoms and its powers all passed away, but Daniel continued on and on and until this very night the life of Daniel remains as a monument to the faithfulness and keeping power of God.

I want to study this chapter around three main divisions to help us get into the substance of what we find here. I want to call your attention, first of all, to the decree of King Darius. Secondly, we will consider the devotion of Daniel. Number three, we will talk about the marvelous, miraculous deliverance of the Lord.

Let’s begin, first of all, with the decree of Darius. We notice in the first verse of Daniel 6 that Darius is now over the kingdom. Prophecy has been fulfilled. The Babylonian head of gold has now been replaced by the arms of silver of the Medes and the Persians. The man over Babylon at this time is a man who Holy Scriptures says is named Darius.

The evidence of these verses is that Darius is a man with considerable organizational abilities. He organizes the entire kingdom into a hundred and twenty providences and there are princes placed over each one of them. Then, over that 120 providences and princes he establishes three presidents. Then over them the Bible says Daniel was preferred first. In other words, Daniel was selected to be the prime minister over all of these men. In other words, in ...

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