Fragrant Love - Part Ii (4 Of 7) by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines

We really stopped in the middle of our study last week in our study of the Song of Solomon
and we are looking, in these studies, the love song which Solomon composed for his bride the
Shulamite girl. We see as we move through these poems the expressions of love on the part of one for
the other. The main interpretation we've been following to the Song of Solomon is that this is a picture
or a pre-picture of the love that waxes and wanes between a redeemed soul and its redeemer. Our
love for the Lord Jesus Christ. We want our love for the Lord to always be what it ought to be, but the
fact of the matter is there are times when we do not love Jesus the way we really want to. The lord,
Himself, in His letter to the church of Ephesus in the Revelation said, "I have somewhat against thee,
because thou hast left thy first love." So, it is possible for our love for the Lord Jesus to burn at a low
level and not be that flame for Christ that we intend for it to be. The love of Jesus never, ever varies for
us. Nothing you can do will cause Jesus to love you anymore or anything you can do that would cause
Jesus to love you any less. He loves you with an everlasting eternal love.
The third picture we have in this book is what I'm calling fragrant love. The reason I have titled
this particular poem fragrant love is because all through it there are references to fragrances. There are
references to the fragrances of fruit and perfume and incense. All the way through you will notice this.
The point being that there should be a fragrance about the life of a believer that is derived from our
relationship with the Lord. There are three main points we are making as we study this particular
picture of fragrant love.
In chapter 3 through verse 11 the king presents his bride. ...

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