The Walls Came Tumbling Down (5 Of 12) by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Joshua 6

In the Christian life there can be no victory
until first of all there is a battle. There can be no
crown until first of all there has been a conquest.
We are studying about victory in the Lord as given to
us in this beautiful Old Testament picture of Israel
taking the land of Canaan. They have crossed the
river Jordan because of the great miracle of God.
They are now poised in land preparing to invade the
city of Jericho. What you have here is a brilliant
military strategy. The strategy is going to be to
drive a wedge right through the middle of Canaan,
separating the northern and the southern sections.
Jericho was a very pivotal city. If the city of
Jericho could be taken, if it could fall, then the
rest of the land could be taken as well. So, you have
a masterpiece of military strategy.

It is a brilliant example of the use of
psychological warfare in battle as well. We see the
elements of fear, surprise and swift movement. The
question may be raised - why in the world are we
spending any time at all studying an ancient Old
Testament account of military strategy. The Bible
tells us that the Christian life is like a battle. We
sing songs for instance about the Christian life in
that context. We sing: "Onward Christian soldiers,
marching as to war." We sing: "Am I a soldier of the
cross." Of course, we read in the Bible about this
same terminology. The Bible says we are to endure
hardness as good soldiers of Jesus Christ. The Bible
says we are to war a good warfare.

In one way you could really say that the whole
theme of the Bible is warfare. For instance, in the
third chapter of Genesis when sin invaded the human
experience, God said to Satan, "I will put enmity
between thy seed and the woman's seed." From there on
you have the account in the Bible of God's battle
against sin, Satan ...

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