What Manner Of Man Is This? by Jerry Vines

Matthew 8:23-27
Jerry Vines

The eighth and the ninth chapters of the Gospel of Matthew give us a series of miracles
performed by the Lord Jesus designed to demonstrate the power of the Lord. We have studied the
Sermon on the Mount which gives us the words of the Lord Jesus. Now Matthew wants us to see in
survey form some of the miracles of the Lord Jesus, the mighty power, the work of the Lord Jesus
Jesus Christ had power in the physical realm and He could heal people who had various kinds
of diseases. Jesus also had power in the natural realm and He could rescue men who were in imminent
danger. On this particular occasion the Bible says that the Lord Jesus and His disciples had gone down
to the Sea of Galilee and they had entered into a boat and in that boat experience they have an unusual
miracle which takes place.
Literature, very often uses the figure of speech of traveling or journeying a voyage on the sea,
as an illustration to us of the voyage of life. For instance, some of you may have read the book, Moby
Dick. Maybe you are familiar with Mutiny on the Bounty. In our songs and hymns, sometimes we use
that same figure of speech. Life, like a voyage on the sea. We sing, "Jesus, Savior, pilot me. Over
life's temptuous sea." Even more familiar to us here we will sing together, "Keep me safe till the storm
passes by."
The Apostle Paul used that same kind of figure of speech when he was talking about his going
home to be with the Lord. He said, "The time for my departure is at hand." When Paul used that
word, departure it is really a nautical term. It is the description of life and ending life like a journey on
the sea. So, when Paul said that he was saying "I'm getting ready to loose from the shores of time,
embark on the sea of dea ...

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