Losing The Culture War (HOW The War Was Lost) by Jerry Vines

Judges 1
Jerry Vines

When you step to the pages of the book of Judges you find yourself in an altogether different
atmosphere. In Joshua you are in victory. In the book of Judges you are in defeat. In the book of
Joshua you are in the heavenlies. In Judges you are in the earthlies. In Joshua we hear the shouts of
victory. In Judges we hear the cries of misery. The book of Judges gives us the account of the moral
deterioration of the nation of Israel.
Why in the world would we be interested in studying anything as old and ancient as the
deterioration of the moral life of the Children of Israel? The reason this is important to us is because
what happened to the land of Israel and to the people of God in Israel is exactly what has taken place
in America and is happening to God's people in America.
The book of Judges explains to us why we are in the mess we are in as a nation; how we got
there, and it tells us how we can get back to the basics - back where we ought to be. There has been a
tremendous moral decline in America. America has gone all the way from "In God We Trust" to "In the
Gutter We Tumble." We have gone all the way from the eagle being our national bird to where it looks
like now our national bird is going to be the buzzard. We have come to a place of tremendous moral
and spiritual decline in America.
When you look through the first chapter of Judges you will find over and over again reference is
made to the Canaanites. If I counted correctly, fourteen times in this chapter reference is made to the
Canaanites. The Canaanites were those people who were in the land of promise when the Children of
Israel got there. When God's people went into the land which God had given to them they found ...

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