Don't Sin Against The Holy Spirit (11 Of 11) by Jerry Vines

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Adventures in Spirit-living
Jerry Vines
James 4:5

To my mind this is the most unusual verse in all
of the Bible about the Holy Spirit. I do believe that
the reference here is to the Holy Spirit. I believe
the word, Spirit, should be capitalized because I
think he is referring to the Holy Spirit. A.T.
Robertson, who I believe was the greatest Greek
scholar of all time, makes it very clear to my own
mind that the reference here is not to the human
spirit, but the Holy Spirit.

What creates the difficulty for us is the way the
King James words this particular statement. The word,
lust, and the word, envy, there do not seem to fit
when you are thinking in terms of the Holy Spirit.
But as you look at the verse you could translate it
the way the Living Bible paraphrases it. "The Holy
Spirit, whom God has placed within us, watches over us
with tender jealousy." My translation is: "The Holy
Spirit who dwells within us, jealously yearns for the
entire devotion of the heart." I believe the
reference here is to the Holy Spirit who loves us so
very much that He is jealous for our affection and

This statement reaffirms in our minds several
things that we know to be true about the Holy Spirit.
We know the Holy Spirit is a person. Jesus referred
to the Holy Spirit as He and Him. We also know that
the Holy Spirit dwells in the hearts of believers.
When you receive the Lord Jesus as your personal
Savior the Bible teaches that God's Holy Spirit comes
to dwell within you. We also know that the Holy
Spirit, being a person who dwells within the heart of
a believer, is intensely interested that we be totally
devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, one of the
roles of the Holy Spirit, I believe the primary role,
is that the Holy Spirit is to call attention to the
Lord Jesus. The Holy Spirit makes us brag on the Lord
Jesus. The ...

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