Millions Missing From The Road (1 Of 8) by Jerry Vines

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Matthew 24:36-42
Jerry Vines

Bill Gates, the founder and CEO of Microsoft, has written a book entitled The Road Ahead.
It's a best-seller, number three on the best-seller list. In this book he gives a rather scintillating and
mind-boggling account of the road ahead in terms of where technology is going. By the road ahead he
is referring to the information highway and it is a fascinating study of the trends of the time and the
forecast which he makes concerning the days of the future. I have borrowed his title to give me a title
for a series of messages which I'm going to call also The Road Ahead. I'd be very grateful if Mr. Gates
would want to give us 10% of his profits for advertising his book for him. But I have used his title as
the title for a series of messages I'm bringing on the subject of Bible prophecy. When I use The Road
Ahead I'm thinking in terms of the road of time or the road of human history. Interestingly enough the
Bible has a great deal to say about the road ahead, about prophecy - what is going to come to pass in
the future.
One of the great proofs for the inspiration of the Bible is fulfilled prophecy. The fact that the
Bible has made predictions hundreds of years before the actual fact and all of those predictions were
fulfilled. If the Lord made predictions that have been fulfilled in the Old Testament day, we can believe
today that the further predictions of the Bible about the days ahead will be fulfilled.
There is one great consummating event in the future which the Bible focuses around. Revelation
19:10 says, "the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." That statement means that the coming of
the Lord Jesus Christ is the focal point of everything that is ahead. It is that one great event toward
which all history moves. As one writer says, "It is the one ray of hope in this dark world." The Bible
says Jesus is going to come again. The Bible predicts the return of the Lord Jesus. Jesus came the first
time 2,000 years ago to die on the cross to save us from our sins. The Bible says He is going to come
the second time and the return of Jesus Christ is the great hope of human history.
In line with that, on the road ahead, the Bible tells us what the next event is going to be. The
word that is used to describe that future event is the word, rapture. The word, rapture, refers to the
literal bodily movement of Christians from this earth to heaven. It is a reference to the catching away of
all of those who are truly born again when Jesus comes to meet Him in the air from this earth into
There is a great deal of ignorance about the subject of the rapture. There are many believers
who do not know about the rapture. There are many believers who do not even know about ...

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