Samson: Newsboy (3 of 3) by Jerry Vines

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Samson: Newsboy (3 of 3)
Jerry Vines
Judges 16

This is our third in a series of three messages in the book of Judges about Samson. This brings it to the climax in real tragedy. Samson becomes a newsboy. He has some news to deliver for us in these verses.

Samson was a man who could be controlled by no man and yet he was a man who could not control himself. Samson was a man who could win wonderful victories over his enemies on the outside and yet Samson was not able to win the victories against the enemies that were going on on the inside.

Samson's life becomes a classic illustration of what Paul means when he warns ''lest we have preached to others we become a castaway.'' The Bible teaches that if we are a child of God we can never be cast out of the family of God. Jesus said, ''Come unto me and I will give you rest.''

Jesus said, ''He that cometh unto me I will in no wise cast out.'' So you cannot be cast out as a child of God but Paul says it is possible for us to become a castaway. So, Paul gives us a New Testament Scripture about which the life of Samson is an Old Testament illustration.

Another thing about Samson's life is that Samson is a vivid picture of the truth of the Scripture where it says ''Let him who thinks he stands, take heed lest he fall.'' I have an idea that Samson got to the point that he thought he was absolutely unconquerable. I have an idea that Samson got to the point he thought no one could win victories over him. He was absolutely unassailable.

All of the Old Testament characters are written for our instruction. But all of the Old Testament characters are not for our imitation. Samson is not something for us to imitate. Samson becomes a warning to everyone of us. It is a warning of what can happen to a child of God when they prostitute their spiritual privileges. Samson was a man who had everything.

He had godly parents. A miraculous birth. He had the Spirit of God that came upon him in great power. He had unlimited potential and yet Samson wasted it all.

When you study the life of Samson there are three great movements in it. First of all you study about his childhood. Second of all you study about his career. Tonight you study about his catastrophe. Samson started off as a superboy. A boy with super potential. Then as he moved into his career he becomes a playboy. He begins to prostitute those spiritual privileges that are his. Now, in the closing scene of his life Samson is going to become a newsboy because he is going to deliver some news to everyone of us in this service tonight.

I. The BAD News of Samson's FOLLY.

The Bible says ''fools make a mock at sin.'' The biggest fool in all the world is the person who thinks that they can sin and get by with it. If you think you can sin and you are going to get by, if you think you can sin and there will be no consequences to it, then according to the Bible you are a fool.

Verse 1 begins by saying that Samson went to Gaza. Gaza was the ...

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