The Crooked Judge And The Demanding Widow (STORIES Part 9) by Jerry Vines

Luke 18:1-8
Jerry Vines

When the Lord tells a story He always has primarily one main lesson He is trying to convey. At
this particular parable the Lord gives, He gives the key right at the door. It's hanging at the door
because in verse 1 we are told that the Lord Jesus gives this parable for two primary reasons. Number
one, to encourage us to keep on praying and number two, to encourage us not to give up.
This parable has to do particularly with God's people - with Christians. It is a parable for
believers. Look in verse 7 - "Shall not God avenge His own elect." The word, elect, there is a
reference to Christians. It means that those who are saved belong to the Lord. Those who are saved
are the chosen of the Lord. So, this is a story for Christians. But it is a story for Christians who are
living at a particular time in history.
Look at the end of the 8th verse. "nevertheless, when the son of Man comes shall He find faith
on the earth." Literally it is - shall he find THE faith on the earth. So, here is a story Jesus tells. It is
directed to Christians. It is directed to Christians who are going to be living in the last days just before
the Lord Jesus Christ comes. I believe we are living in those days. I believe this particular story has
special relevance to us because we are living in the days of apostasy. In days of apostasy, in last days
before the Lord Jesus Christ returns, the Lord tells us a story which illustrates for us how God's
children are going to make it in the last days.
This is a story about a crooked judge and a demanding widow. By the way, when you read the
parables of Jesus you will see that He fills His stories with a colorful cast of characters. Sometimes it is
a shepherd and his friends. Other times it is a ...

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