Will You Get up and Try or Sit Here and Die? by Steve Wagers

Will You Get up and Try or Sit Here and Die?
Steve N. Wagers
2 Kings 7

1. The Reality They Encountered
A) Hopeless Because of Their Situation
B) Helpless Because of Their Sickness
2. The Risk They Embraced
A) A Most Critical Discussion
B) A Most Crucial Decision
3. The Reward They Enjoyed
A) God Cleared the Way for Them
B) God Confirmed His Word to Them

Mayo Clinic recently conducted a study of a disorder that affects most Americans. It is known as ''sitting disease.''

50-70%: sit more than 6 hours a day
20-35%: spend 4 hours or more a day watching TV

The study revealed that those that suffer from ''sitting disease'' literally take years off of their life.

A person who sits for 8 hrs/day-15% chance of dying in next 3 years
A person who sits for 10+ hrs/day-40% chance of dying in next 3 years


A person who limits sitting to 3 hrs or less-can add up to 4 years to their life

Doctor James Levine concluded the study by saying, ''The body is designed for movement. If you stop movement, it crumbles on every level.''

Many Christians/churches suffer from ''sitting disease.'' When we come to church, we sit. When we have a meal, we sit. When we have a meeting, we sit.

The greatest sit-down strike today is in the church of Jesus Christ.

Many sit in regard to their:

SIN-refuse to hear/heed conviction of Holy Ghost and get right with God
SALVATION-''WHOsoever'' Gospel, but not 'WHENsoever' Gospel

SERVICE-content to coast to Heaven on a life insurance policy-no Work

SITUATION-have given up, shut down, and feel there is no hope

The 4 lepers in 2 Kings 7 are faced with the same question many are faced with today, ''Are we going to get up and try or sit here and die?''


The reality these 4 men encountered was most grim.


In 2 Kings 6, Ben-Hadad, king of Syria, one of the cruelest generals to ...

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