Hail Mary (7 of 12) by Brian Fletcher

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Hail Mary (7 of 12)
Series: Luke
Brian Fletcher
Luke 8:40-56

Jesus has returned from the others side of the Sea of Galilee where he healed the Gerasene Demoniac (Pigs)
And the people were ''waiting for him'' to get back

[On a Bible Study note I want you to notice the details that Luke puts into his account of this story. Is the Bible true? One test of credibility is to get eyewitness accounts and to notice the details.]

Video: Hail Mary compilation
When we are weak then Jesus is strong:
1. We have to admit that we are weak and desperate
2. We have to believe that Jesus is strong and sufficient


Here in Luke 8 we have two people who are weak and desperate. Even though they are very different in many ways, the one common denominator is that they both have come to the end of their ropes and are in desperate need of someone to save them.

Let's take a look at each one. The first one to approach Jesus is Jairus. Jairus is a synagogue ruler. He is highly respected in the community, well known, very religious, he probably oversees the worship that takes place in the synagogue. He is probably wealthy and has a relatively comfortable lifestyle. He is a husband and a dad. However, the unthinkable has taken place. His 12 year old daughter has become ill and is dying. No parent can think of anything worse than having their young child on their death bed.

Here in our own congregation we have a couple, Dick and Jeanette Taylor who have lost not just one, but two children. Their daughter Lacy and son Matt

Horribly sad, a physical pain that takes over your whole body when grief takes over
Devastation, not going to see normal things happen
Tears don't stop even for weeks and months and years

Jairus is desperate. His life has been turned completely upside down. He has one last ditch effort to save his daughter and that is Jesus. But Jesus does not get to her in time and she dies. Even w ...

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