How to Get God on You by Steve Wagers

How to Get God on You
Steve N. Wagers
Matthew 21:1-11

1. Be Redeemed for the Master's Purpose
A) He was Sought by Jesus
B) He was Brought to Jesus
2. Be Ruled by the Master's Presence
A) Specifically Desired
B) Submissively Devoted
3. Be Responsive to the Master's Plan
A) What He was Used to Accomplish
B) Who He was Used to Acclaim

An amazing truth is discovered as we peruse the pages of the Word of God and it is this, God can use ANYBODY, ANYWHERE, at ANY TIME, in ANY PLACE, to accomplish ANYTHING.

In fact, when we stop and think about it, God has never had anything to work with other than sinners. He takes a nobody and makes them a somebody. He takes nothing and accomplishes something. He takes those who are useless and makes them useful.

He takes the weak and makes them warriors. He takes the feeble and makes them faithful. He takes the meager and makes them mighty. He takes the unlearned and makes them unmovable. He takes the base and makes them brave. He takes the despised and makes them disciples.


Noah was a drunk;
Abraham was old;
Isaac was a daydreamer;
Jacob was a liar;
Leah was ugly;
Joseph was abused;
Moses stuttered;
Gideon was afraid;
Samson had long hair and was a womanizer;
Rahab was a prostitute;
Jeremiah was too young;
David was a murderous adulterer;
Elijah was suicidal;
Isaiah preached naked;
Jonah was a runaway;
Naomi was a widow;
Job filed bankruptcy;
Peter denied Christ;
The disciples fell asleep praying;
Martha was a worry-wart;
The Samaritan woman made Elizabeth Taylor look like a Girl Scout
Zacchaeus was too small;
Paul was too religious;
Timothy had an ulcer;
Lazarus was dead.

The scene of our text is a familiar one. The events mark the beginning of Palm Week as Jesus makes His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. However, while I certainly have no desire to take the spotlight off of the Lord Jesus, there is one character in the sto ...

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