The Young Man Who Did The Wrong Thing by Jerry Vines

Matthew 19
Jerry Vines
I suppose this is one of the most familiar accounts in all
of the Bible in the life of the Lord Jesus. It is the account of the
rich young ruler who came to the Lord Jesus. There is really quite a
contrast here as you see Jesus and this young man. One of them -- the
rich young ruler had a lot in this world, but he had nothing in
eternity. The other -- the Lord Jesus had nothing in this world, but he
had everything in eternity. The rich young ruler had earthly position.
The Lord Jesus Christ left a thror.n of heavenly glory and he would soon
return to that throne. This passage of Scripture about the rich young
ruler is to me one of those great tragedies in the Bible. There are a
lot of things that are so much right about this particular story. This
young man came at the right time. He came to the right person. He
asked the right question. He got the right answer, but tragedy of
tragedies, he did the wrong thing. Here is a young man who could have
been recorded in the Bible's Who's Who, instead he is recorded in the
Bible's Who's Not. He came very, very close to salvation and yet he
turned and walked away.
I believe that in this Scripture we have what many young
men and ladies and people in general need to hear.
I. THE MAN - vs 16 (one who came to Jesus)
When you put the Gospel records together about this particular account
you learn he was a rich young ruler. See what he does. Mark's gospel
says that he comes running to Jesus and kneeling in front of Him. We
see a young man on -
A. A quest.
He was a young man. That certainly says a great deal for
him because he is coming to Jesus at the very time you ought to come to
Jesus. I was saved at the age of nine. Dr. Lindsay was saved at the
age of nine. I have always been glad that I gave my life to Jesus when
I was a young man. I would encourage every young man in this building
to give your life to Christ while you are young ...

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