The Son Who Stayed Home (STORIES Part 8) by Jerry Vines

Luke 15:25-32
Dr. Vines

Luke 15 is one of my favorite chapters in all of the Bible because it is a series of stories which
Jesus told about lost things. As you move through this chapter you will find there were things that were
lost and then they were found. It is a very joyful and happy chapter because it tells us the joy in the
heart of God when those who are lost are found and those who are dead are miraculously made alive
Many times, in the course of reading this chapter, we have a tendency to leave out the last story
Jesus told. We know about the parable of the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost brother, but we
forget the fact that there is another brother that Jesus told about. We are told when Jesus begins the
parable of the lost son - the one who went into the far country - that the father in the story had two
sons. In fact, he had two sons and both of them were lost. One of them was a son who was lost in the
far country. The other is the son who was lost at home.
This parable which Jesus gives us about the lost elder brother is a parable in response to the
criticism of the Pharisees. Look back at the first two verses of chapter 15 and you will get the setting in
what Jesus is trying to say. In verse 1 we are told that sinners and publicans were drawing near to hear
the Lord Jesus Christ. It's always important for us to know that lost people were drawn to the Lord.
There was something about the Lord Jesus Christ that caused lost people to want to come to Him.
One of the tests of how much like Jesus we are is whether or not lost people are drawn to us and like
to be around us.
In verse 2 you will notice that the Pharisees and the Scribes were filled with murmuring because
they were saying, " ...

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