Last Of All, He Sent His Son by Jerry Vines

Matthew 21:33-46
Dr. Jerry Vines
All through the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ there is
a running battle between Him and the Jewish leaders. They have opposed
Him. They have objected to the things He has been teaching and they
have made up their mind that sooner or later, one way or the other,
they are going to get the Lord Jesus. This is the last week in the
earthly ministry of our Lord. It is building up to the cross of
Calvary where on Golgotha Jesus will die for the sins of the world.
Day by day, Jesus is going into Jerusalem. He is in and around the
temple and He is now in open confrontation with the Jewish leaders.
The Lord Jesus Christ has told one parable. He'll tell
this parable and He'll tell a third. The purpose of these three
parables is to expose these leaders for what they are and to show what
is in their hearts. In so doing, as they respond to these parables
they will condemn themselves. This particular parable is a parable of
judgment. It is built on the parable that Isaiah told in the fifth
chapter of his prophecy about the well beloved preparing a vineyard.
In this parable Jesus is going to teach that they have received God's
blessings, but they have rejected God's Son. In this parable of the
vineyard we have a series of pictures about God. We learn somethings
about God in this parable. Many people have a concept of God which is
really a half-god. They take the part of God which they like, the part
which they agree with, which is pleasant to them and they build their
concept of God on the basis of half-truth. When you study the Bible
you will discover that the Bible gives us the picture of a whole,
complete God. We must see all that God is. We must accept everything
that God is. So, you have here a series of pictures that will show us
that you cannot claim one part of the character of God to the exclusion
of the other. I want us to look at God as we move down through this
parable ...

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