What To Do With Troublemakers by Jerry Vines

Romans 16:17-20
Jerry Vines
Troublemakers, it seems, are on every hand. Everywhere we turn
we have to deal with the matter of troublemakers. Whether on the job or
the community where you live or even in your particular area of the
church, from time to time you will experience troublemakers. Sometimes
you have troublemakers in the the choir. Sometimes you have
troublemakers in the youth group. You may occasionally experience
troublemakers in your Sunday School class or in some other particular
area of our church's ministry, from time to time, there are those people
who will cause trouble.
I was thinking about troublemakers this week and what I was
going to say about it and I began to think about some of the families
that the troublemakers are in.
Some of the troublemakers are in the Iser family. Do you know
about the isers? There are the criticizers. They are always the ones
who are finding something to criticize about everything. Then there are
the organizers. They are always the ones who are trying to get up a
little band of rebellion to hinder the work of the Lord. Then there are
the proselytizers. These are the ones who are unhappy here. They are
going somewhere else and they do everything they can to proselytize
others to go with them. Then there are the womanizers. Those are the
ones who come in and they are interested only in looking at someone with
a carnal perspective. So, there are some who are in the iser family.
Some of the troublemakers are in the Tator family. There are
the agitators. They are always the ones who are agitating the
situation. Then there are the imitators. They try to imitate the
people of God and it becomes very clear that they are putting on an
act; it's not real in their hearts. There are the iritators. They can
irritate everything and everyone all of the time. Then there are the
dictators. These are the ones who always want to run things. They
always want to b ...

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