Stumbling Block Or A Stepping Stone by Jerry Vines

Romans 14:13-23.
Jerry Vines
The fourteenth chapter of Romans has been an especially helpful
chapter to me in deciding matters of right and wrong in my personal
life. It has also helped me in my learning to live with other
Christians who may have differing opinion from me about what is right or
what is wrong.
As you grow in the Christian life and as you get acquainted with
other Christians you will very soon, along the way, find that there are
many differences of opinions about certain matters. You go from
church to church, Christian to Christian, and you will find that in some
areas there are things that are considered wrong that are not considered
in other areas.
I see Brother Glenn Owens here today. He's one of our wandering
members who is hardly ever here. He is the assistant to John Sullivan,
'the Florida Baptist Convention Executive Secretary, so he's preaching
all over the state of Florida just about every Sunday. Brother Glenn
would say to you that when you go to churches all over the state of
Florida - Baptist churches - you will find out that there are
differences of opinion about styles of music. In one place this kind of
music is acceptable. In another place, it is not acceptable. So, there
are matters where Christians differ concerning right and wrong.
Christians have different opinions about amusements and entertainment -
what is appropriate and what is not for Christians. Christians differ
in the matter of apparel and styles of apparel - what is acceptable and
what is not acceptable for Christians. It goes from Christian to
Christian, from church to church. There are difference of opinions in
these kinds of matters. The Apostle Paul dealt with the same kind of
situation and in particular there was an issue in his day where
Christians were having differences of opinion. It was the issue about
whether or not a Christian ought to eat some meat that had been
sacrificed in a p ...

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