The Most Neglected Truth in the Bible by Jerry Vines

The Most Neglected Truth in the Bible
Jerry Vines
Romans 14:7-12

I'm sure all of you have seen a picture, which is an optical illusion. On the image they have put up an illusion that is familiar to many of you. If you are familiar with it you immediately recognize it and know what it is. Others of you may not be familiar with it and you don't know what it means. When you look at it it really doesn't have a great deal of meaning. If you will keep looking at it and keep looking at it you will find that there is a wonderful, wonderful message there, which just overrides everything else in the picture. An optical illusion gives you a picture so big that if you are not careful you will miss the meaning of it altogether. The same thing is true in the Bible. There are some truths in the bible that are big truths. If you are not very careful they are so big you will miss them. I came to know Jesus when I was a nine-year-old boy. I gave all I knew about me to all I knew about the Lord Jesus Christ. When I was 16 our pastor shared with us a truth which I guess had been taught and preached to me before, but it never really gripped my heart like it did when I was 16. At the age of 16 I made a commitment that changed my life even beyond the conversion experience. Really, at the age of 16, a bit more aware of the situation it was actually more dramatic to me than my conversion experience at the age of 9. The truth that my pastor shared with us was the truth of the lordship of Jesus. The truth that Jesus Christ is Lord. This is one of the biggest truths in all of the Bible yet I believe it is one of the most neglected truths. Jesus is referred to in the Bible as Savior 24 times. He is referred to as Lord 747 times. But when you understand and surrender your life to the truth that Jesus Christ is Lord then you begin to get the big picture. Do you see what the illusion is all about, yet? (on the image mag) We are facing today a moral crisis in America. This is rather strange when you think about the fact that the surveys and the polls say 30% of the American people say they have had a new birth, a born again, experience. Why is it if 30% say they have been born again we are facing the moral crisis we are in America? They are observing the 25th anniversary of Woodstock. Woodstock is a commemoration of the loss of moral standards in America. Why is this true? Why, in America where so many people say they have received Jesus as their Savior, are we facing such a moral crisis?

I think one of the reasons is because a lot of people have made an artificial distinction between believing on Jesus as your Savior and acknowledging as your Lord. Some people have the idea that you can receive Jesus as your Savior and then you can reject Jesus as your Lord. When you study the Bible you will find that these two truths are inseparably intertwined. For instance in this very book of Romans, 10th chapter, 9th verse. "If thou shall confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus a ...

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