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Things Worth Knowing
Jerry Vines
I John 4:1-6

This is a very important passage for Christians.
These verses will serve you well all of your Christian
life. God gives us in these verses a word of
caution. It is the caution that Christians are not to
assume that everything they hear is the truth, even
though it may come from supposedly Christian sources.
It is a warning against the danger of spiritual
gullibility. Unfortunately, there are some Christians
who are very, very gullible. They believe just about
anything that comes along. If a person has a Bible in
his hand and if he says this is what the Bible
teaches, some people just automatically believe what
that person says. So, a lot of Christian people fall
for every kind of hocus pocus that comes down the line
and they are very spiritually gullible.

Young Christians, especially, need to learn to be
spiritually discerning. It is like teaching a little
boy or girl to eat. They have to learn how to eat and
one of the things they have to know is to know they
just can't just put everything in their mouths. They
have to be discriminatory, discerning, and know that
not everything should go in their mouths. The same
thing is true in the spiritual realm.

The driving sentence in these verses which I have
read is the last sentence in verse 6. It says,
"Hereby know we the spirit of truth and the spirit of
error." The theme of I John is "Some Things Worth
Knowing." One of the things worth knowing is the
difference between the spirit of truth and the spirit
of error.

There are two worlds. There is the physical,
seen world. But there is also the invisible, unseen
spiritual world. The Bible tells us that this is
true. It also tells us that in the unseen spiritual
world there are two spiritual forces that are at work.
There is the spirit of truth on the one hand and th ...

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