Sex Is Not A Dirty Word (9 of 15) by Jerry Vines

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Back to the Basics
Jerry Vines
I Thes. 4:1-8

How many of you are Christians? Would you raise
your hand? How did the fact that you are a Christian
affect the way you lived your daily life today? Did it
make a difference in the language you used at school
or on the job? Did it make a difference in the way you
paid your bills over the weekend? Did it affect your
daily behavior? Because you are a Christian did this
change the way you live and did it make you a
different person from other people in the world who do
not know the Lord Jesus?

I think one of the greatest problems we face in
the church today and in modern Christianity is the
failure of vast numbers of Christians to understand
that what we believe as Christians has an effect upon
how we behave in daily life. I think the failure to
understand that what we are is to determine what do. I
am talking about Christian ethics and morality. You
will study the Bible and find that this is a constant
theme and emphasis all the way through the Word of
God. There is a moral imperative placed upon those who
know the Lord Jesus and name His Name as their
personal Savior.

Many of the letters of Paul are written this way.
This is one of them. Keep in mind that Paul is writing
this letter to a group of young Christians. What he is
doing here is sharing with them the basics of the
Christian faith. In the first three chapters we have
seen such basic truths as the Bible, the Word of God,
the inspired Word of God. We have studied in these
verses the role of suffering in the life of a
Christian. We've talked about election, we've talked
about salvation, we've talked about the wrath of God,
we've talked about the wonderful truth of the coming
again of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is bringing our
minds back to the basics of the faith.

Now, in chapter 4 he gives the practical side of
this matter of the Christian ...

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