Steps To A Happy Christian Life (14 of 15) by Jerry Vines

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Back to the Basics
Jerry Vines
I THES. 5:16-22

I think you are probably like me, I like to just
get something that is very simple and down-to-earth
that will help me live for the Lord Jesus Christ on a
daily basis. Something that will help me have the
kind of Christian life which God has promised is
available to me in the Scriptures. Nothing deep. No
heavy-duty theology. Just some simple, practical,
easy-to-understand guidelines that will help me have a
happy Christian life.

These verses are these kinds of verses. We are
rapidly coming to the close of I Thessalonians and as
we do so, the Apostle Paul gives some very simple
instructions which if followed can help you and me
every day of our lives to be happy, productive,
Christian believers. This is going to be simple,
practical, to the point in your life and mine, but I
think you will find that it will be very helpful to us
as we seek to live for the Lord every day.

I have grouped these steps to a happy Christian
life into two general categories. The first category
I'm going to call personal steps. Here are some
things you can do as an individual, as a Christian
yourself, that will help you be what God wants you to

Then we are going to gather some of them into
what I call congregational steps. These are things we
can do as we relate to one another in our church as a
fellowship, as a body of believers, that will also
help us toward a happy Christian life.


If you take these personal steps you will have a
happy Christian life. These three statements that are
given to us in these verses are statements that are in
the present tense. That means something that is on an
ongoing basis. Something that is to be continuous.
These are the standing orders God gives believers.
These are always in effect. All of the time, under
all circumstances, what ...

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