What Are You Waiting For? (3 of 15) by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
I Thes. 1:8-10

When other people start telling you about what's
going on in your meeting you know that God indeed is
at work. That is exactly what had taken place in
Paul's great ministry in the city of Thessalonica.
God did such a wonderful work and there were so many
miracles of salvation that as Paul began to go to
other places, people would tell Paul what God had done
in his great crusade in Thessalonica.

I can imagine that it must have taken place
something like this: the announcement was made that
Paul, the great missionary statesman, was going to be
speaking at the Corinth Baptist Church. So, all of the
people were excited and they gathered to hear Paul.
On the way over to the service that morning Paul
decided he would bring a message about the crusade in
Thessalonica and share with them some of the things
God had done in that great meeting. Just before Paul
stood to speak that day in that marvelous service the
pastor said, "Now before Bro. Paul comes to speak I
want some of our folks to stand and give some words of
testimony." One of the brothers stand and says,
"Well, Bro. Paul, I just wanted to tell you that I had
an associate in business who moved up to Thessalonica.
He was really something. He was an idol worshipper.
He worshipped at the temple of the goddess Aphrodite.
He made regular visits to the temple prostitutes. He
moved to Thessalonica and came to hear you preach,
Paul, and he got gloriously saved and he turned to God
from idols."

Paul thought, "I'd better scratch that one off, I
can't use it my message this morning." Then, someone
else stood and said, "I just want to tell you about my
son, Reggie. My boy has been quite an athlete, quite
a football player, and he moved up to Thessalonica and
he became an All-pro star. He came over to hear you
preach, Bro. Paul, and my son, Re ...

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