What Do You Know For Sure? (1 Of 20) by Jerry Vines

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Things Worth Knowing
Jerry Vines
I John 5:11-13

I'm sure all of you are aware that we are living
in a day where we are experiencing a knowledge
explosion. America has moved from the Agricultural
Age to the Industrial Age. Now we are in what is
known as the Information Age. In the lifetime of many
of you sitting in this building we have gone all the
way from the telephone to the television to the
computer to the cell phone. We are in an age of

I was on a trip recently in the land of Israel
and it was amazing to me that just about everybody you
saw in the city of Jerusalem was walking around with a
cell phone in their hands. On Thanksgiving Day I was
there, I took a cell phone, called my wife and family
on Thanksgiving Day and talked with them and wished
all of them a happy Thanksgiving and I did it by means
of a cell phone. We are living in an information age
-- a knowledge explosion.

With all of this knowledge the question arises --
are there some things worth knowing? Are there some
things that are really important for us to know?
There may be some things we know that really don't
make a great deal of difference. Some of the facts
and some of the tidbits of information that we are
getting today and that we have access to really don't
make a great deal of difference. For instance, did
you know that 1/2 of all the couples that get married
today are men. That's a fact, but I really don't know
if that makes a great deal of difference. Of course,
living in the day we live in, who knows but in the
future if that will be absolutely true. So, there are
some things worth knowing and some things that may not
be worth knowing.

Henry Luke had his 60th birthday this week. That
may be important to Henry. You may not know this but
Henry thought he would just treat himself on his 60th
birthday. He saw in the paper wh ...

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