The Blessings of Meekness (3 of 4) by Jeff Strite

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The Blessings of Meekness (3 of 4)
Series: The Mysteries of Egypt
Jeff Strite
Genesis 41:1-49

OPEN: At one time, a man named Upton Dickson began a club called:

When you make an acrostic of the first letters of its name, you have the word ''Doormats.''
Dickson founded the society after he wrote a pamphlet called ''Cower Power.''
The Doormats have an official insignia - a yellow caution light.
Their official motto is: ''The meek shall inherit the earth, if that's OK with everybody else!''
(Martin Field on

APPLY: When Jesus said - ''The Meek shall inherit the earth'' I'm pretty sure that's not the kind organization He had in mind. But when most people think someone is ''meek'' that is pretty much what they envision:
- Doormats
- Prey for bullies
- Quiet, unassuming, and easily pushed around kind of folks.

In the Bible tells we're told about two individuals who were described as being meek.
The first is described in Numbers 12:3
''… Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth.'' KJV

Now Moses is not someone I generally think of as being a ''doormat''.
When I think of Moses - I think of Charlton Heston coming down off the Mountain of God carrying the 10 commandments. When he heard the people partying in the camp below he became overwhelmed with righteous anger and took those tablets of stone and broke them to pieces. Then he went down into the camp and ground the golden calf they'd been worshipping into dust and mixed it in the drinking water of the camp and commanded: ''DRINK!''
No… Moses isn't someone I'd ordinarily visualize as being meek.
I picture him more as someone you wouldn't want to ''mess around with''

Then there's Jesus.
Jesus spoke of Himself saying ''Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart..'' Mt 11:29 KJV

Despite the tendency of Hollywood to paint Jesus as some kind ...

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