Don't Lose Hope (1 of 8) by Jerry Vines

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Don't Lose Hope (1 of 8)
Series: Hope for the End Times
Jerry Vines
2 Thessalonians 1:1-4

Our overall theme in this series in II Thessalonians is ''Hope for the End Times.'' This is the follow-up letter which Paul, under the Holy Spirit, wrote to the young believers in Corinth. The first letter was written to address some of the questions which had arisen in the minds of young believers around the coming again of the Lord Jesus Christ. This letter is written to deal with some additional problems that have surfaced in the fellowship as messages have been received to Paul from the believers in Thessalonica.

Several problems are prominent in these chapters. There is the problem of the great trial and the trouble that they are experiencing, especially the matter of persecution. So, questions were being raised in the minds of these young Christians - why are we going through such trials and tribulations and difficulties? It is not wrong to ask, why. I remind you that the Lord Jesus Himself, on the cross said, why has thou forsaken me? So, they are raising the question why all these troubles and trials. It is the question that revolves around the righteousness and the justice of God.

There was another problem also. They had received a forged letter, supposedly from Paul, in which some were teaching that they were already in the Great Tribulation. You will find a mention made of that in chapter 2:2 where Paul refers to that forged letter they had received. There were some teachers, because of the trials and tribulations that were happening at that particular time, who were teaching that they were already in the day of the Lord or the Great Tribulation time. Sometimes when days are difficult and people are going through great trials as believers in the Lord and they hear that they are in the Great Tribulation, they are prone to believe that it must indeed be true.

There was also the problem of some of the young believers there who because they thought the Lord was going to come very soon, had become very lazy and idle and were busy bodies in the congregation. To answer these particular matters Paul writes this second letter. In chapter 1 he deals with the matter of the trials and the persecutions. In chapter 2 he deals with the matter of the end time events that must transpire. In chapter 3 he deals with the practical problems of how believers should conduct themselves in the end times. So, the response in chapter 1 to trouble, he discusses the revelation of Jesus Christ. In chapter 2, the response to false teachings, he sets forth the rebellion of the Antichrist. In chapter 3 to answer the problem of those who had become lazy in the congregation, he sets forth the responsibilities of the followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the first four verses which are introductory to this study, the Apostle Paul begins as he normally does. It is almost an identical match to what he is given in I Thessalonians. He tells us who the writing is ...

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