Do We Live In A Just Universe? (2 Of 8) by Jerry Vines

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Hope for the End Times
Jerry Vines
II Thessalonians 1:5-12

When people suffer they ask questions that they
normally would not ask. When people have a hard time
and difficulties and tragedies occur, one of the
questions which arises in their minds and hearts is --
do we live in a just universe? The question is not is
there injustice in the universe because we know there
is. All you have to do is just witness the
proceedings and the trial out in Oklahoma City where a
mad man bombed a federal building and innocent boys
and girls were murdered and realize there is injustice
in the world. All you have to do is visit the
Holocaust Museum in Israel and be reminded that 6
million Jews were slaughtered by the insane Adolph
Hitler and you know that there is injustice in the
world. So, there is no question about injustice in
the world. But it raises the question -- do we live
in a just universe?

Those of us who believe the Bible and who adhere
to the Christian faith believe that we do live in a
just universe. The Bible teaches that God is a just
God and that He does justice. In the book of Genesis
it says, "shall not the judge of all the earth do
right?" In the book of The Revelation 15:3 it says,
"Just and true are all thy ways, o Lord." So, we
believe that God is a just God. That He is a loving
God and that He is a God who will do that which is
right and that which is just.

Justice means that the good will be rewarded and
that the evil will be punished. The question is
raised - is there going to be some time of final
judgment? Is there going to be some time when the
inequities in the universe will be resolved and
justice will prevail?

One of the differences we are noticing today
between the New Age movement and the Christian faith
is the different views concerning the matter of
history and the future. The New Age moveme ...

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