Catching Fish With Jesus by Jerry Vines

Luke 5:-
A. Fish.
B. Fishermen.
A. A place for fishing.
B. A plan for fishing.
C. A price for fishing.
D. A partnership for fishing.
A. Leaning on Scriptures.
B. Loathing of self.
C. Looking for souls,
Catching Fish With Jesus
Luke 5:1-Il
It was a wonderful day on lake Galilee when Jesus came to teach the Word of God. With a boat
for a pulpit and the seashore for the auditorium and sands and pebbles for the pews Jesus Christ began
to teach the people that day the wonderful Word of God. And so magnetic and so wonderful was the
teaching of our Lord that the people pressed upon him so much so that he had to get in a boat and
move out a little bit from the shore and so Jesus Christ on that occasion began to teach the Word of
God. It's marvelous to notice through the history of the Christian church that there has always been
a magnetic power to the preaching and the teaching of the Word of God. Give a man a Bible let
him teach a Sunday School class and people will be drawn to that class. Give a man a Bible put him
in a pulpit anywhere and people will come to hear that man teach and preach the Word of God and so
on that occasion Jesus gave a message from the Bible. After the message there was also a miracle.
Jesus turned to Simon Peter gave him some words of command and they on that occasion had a miraculous
draught of fishes. Now Jesus indicates to us in the tenth verse of this chapter that there is a deeper
meaning to the miracle than the mere catching of the fish. Jesus says in verse 10 to these disciples who
had witnessed the miracle from henceforth thy shalt catch men. And so the miracle of Jesus cathing
the fish is an illustration for the disciples and for us of what it means to win souls to Jesus Christ to be
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fisher of men. Now this matter of fishing for fish is a beautiful illustration of fishing for men. I know
in many ways ...

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