Comfort concerning the Second Coming of Jesus Christ by Johnny Hunt

Comfort concerning the Second Coming of Jesus Christ
Johnny Hunt
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

INTRODUCTION: We are dealing here with questions that had arisen in Thessalonica about the return of the Lord. Many in this city felt that only those alive at the return of Christ would be saved; they feared that their brethren who were already dead had forfeited any share of the coming glory. Consequently, they mourned for them like pagans who have no hope. The Apostle Paul corrects their error in order to comfort them.

You see, there can be no Christian comfort without Christian faith. The object of this faith is the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word, the Bible. The promises of Jesus are unmistakably clear. One of the better known is in John's gospel, 14:2, ''in my Father's house are many mansions…''

QUESTION: Is this life all there is? Or, is there ''a land that is fairer than day, and by faith we shall see it afar.''



A. Commenced With Contrast

Between gloomy despair and triumphant hope.

STATEMENT: ''What you don't know won't hurt you.'' Ignorance of biblical and eternal truths bring a lack of comfort.

From Old Testament times till the present, mankind has tried to solve the riddle of death and the afterlife.

Philosophers have wrestled with the question of immortality.

Spiritists have tried to communicate with those who have gone beyond.

Scientists have investigated the experiences of people who claim to have died and returned to life again.

Cultists have told us that we will come back again through reincarnation.

CONTRAST: Jesus has taken the ''sting out of death'' and the ''victory out of the grave,'' therefore, to the Christian, death is now referred to as ''sleep.''

Calvin (1534) first look, ''the reference is not to the soul but to the body, for the dead body rests in the tomb as on a bed, until God raises the person up.''

Paul, in contrasting this world and the next, wrote ...

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