The Minor Prophets Speak To Modern America 1 by Jerry Vines

AMOS: The Country Prophet
We are in a series of studies on Wednesday night in the minor
prophets. In the Old Testament there are twelve of these minor
prophets. It would probably be better to call them the twelve
rather than the minor prophets. Sometimes when people hear that
title given to it, they get the idea that these prophets are not
as important or their messages are not as significant. But they
were given that title simply because most of them are smaller in
length than the other prophets of the Old Testament. They are the
twelve prophets who spoke God's message in the days in which they
lived. Also saw some things far beyond their own time. So we title
this series of brief studies The Minor Prophets Speak to Modern
Now tonight in the book of Amos we have what I think is one
of the most interesting and one of the most exciting of all of
the twelve prophets in the Old Testament. Here was a man who I am
calling tonight Amos, the country prophet. He was indeed a man from
the country who was called by God to go to a great population center
and there deliver God's message in his day. His name is included in
in the first verse of the book where it says, "the words of Amos,
who was among the herdmen of Tekoa," The name Amos means burden.
And he was a man who was given a burden by God and carried that
burden faithfully delivering it to the people of God in his day.
We know some things about Amos and we will study those later on.
But we know that he was from a place called Tekoa. He was among
the herdmen of Tekoa. Now this was a little village about six miles
southeast of Bethlehem and it was located in what is known as the
wilderness of Judea. And the wilderness of Judea was a very, bleak
a very dreary. A very bare place. It is a place that is filled with
limestone hills. So in that country, barren atmosphere Amos listened
to the voice of God. And as you read the writings of Amos, ...

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