II. Mary - Loving God with All Your Heart - Ten Secrets for Eternal Unfading Beauty (6 of 37) by John Barnett

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II. Mary - Loving God with All Your Heart - Ten Secrets for Eternal Unfading Beauty (6 of 37)
Series: Authentic Christian Living
John Barnett

Have you been thinking about whether or not you are beautiful coming into God's presence? America thinks a lot about beauty. We spend billions of dollars on beauty treatments, cosmetics, and finery. I have a friend that started a high fashion jewelry company years ago and they are doing hundreds of millions of dollars of business every year. It was just a side business and now it's just sweeping the country. Beauty is important to us but more than that beauty is important to God. And God says especially as He has invited us to a banquet, a celebration at His table- I want you to come before Me and I want you to be beautiful. You say what do you mean by that? Well let me show you as I introduce the secrets of unfading beauty. If you want to turn and follow with me I am going to start in Exodus 28: 2. We are headed to Luke 1 to Mary and we are looking at Mary- one of the most beautiful women in the world because God picked her to be the mother of the Lord Jesus Christ. Before we get to Mary and see the secrets of unfading beauty in her life let's look at what God means by being beautiful.

Listen to these verses:
1. BEAUTY WAS REQUIRED IN THOSE WHO WERE REGULARS IN GOD'S PRESENCE! In the Old Testament we have an interesting study- before the New Covenant, before the cross, before Christ God had a select group of people representing the common people coming into His presence. They were called priests; there were normal priests, and high priests. There were Levitical workers working with the priests. Those people represented the common people before God. Now we don't have that anymore and any church that maintains that you can't come directly to God except through a priest is following the Old Covenant and they have forgotten what the cross did. It's interesting to study how the Old Covenant operated. If you look at Exodu ...

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