How Do We Find God’s Arms Open Wide When We Face Our Greatest Temptations? by John Barnett

How Do We Find God’s Arms Open Wide When We Face Our Greatest Temptations?
John Barnett
I Corinthians 10:13 and Matthew 6:13

As we open our copies of God’s Holy and Inerrant Word to Matthew 6, we are opening to the best known passage in the Bible.
The Lord’s Prayer is not only almost universally known, these verses also provide the complete guide to our spiritual health, given to us by Jesus Christ Himself.
Throughout all the ages of Christ’s church, among every ethnic group, every demographic group, among every age group, and in every season of life and culture, this list remains the constant guide.
In these seven petitions we can simply run through in only a few moments to see if all of our spiritual systems are operating the way that they were designed by God to operate. For a moment look at Matthew 6:13.
And do not lead us into temptation,
But deliver us from the evil one.
For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.

We need God’s protection so much, that Jesus told us we need to ask for it every time we pray. Have you considered that lately? Note also that there are two elements of what Jesus left us in this sixth petition.
The first element is about temptation; and the second element is about the Devil.
Temptations are common to all of us humans, that is what God’s Word says. But even though we all face temptations, we can’t get comfortable with temptation, the price is too high.
A German pastor who was executed in 1945, in NAZI Germany, for his uncompromising testimony, wrote these words in his sermon on temptation.
Listen to these words so powerfully timely even after 70 years:
‘‘In our members there is a slumbering inclination towards desire which is both sudden and fierce. With irresistible power desire seizes mastery over the flesh. All at once a secret, smoldering fire is kindled. The flesh burns and is in flames.
It makes no difference whether it is sexual desir ...

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