How To Make It Until The Lord Comes by Jerry Vines

James 5:7-12
Dr. Jerry Vines
I believe a reading of the New Testament will reveal that the
end times are going to be especially difficult times for God's children.
Paul put it this way in II Timothy 3:2 - this know that in the last days
perilous times shall come. The Bible predicts that for believers the
last days will be days of difficulty and times of trouble. I think all
of us who take seriously the Christian life and living for Jesus Christ
on a daily basis would concur with this assessment of Scripture. It is
indeed difficult to live for the Lord in the last days. As we approach
the end of the age there will be special pressures on God's children.
I've always liked what J.B. Phillips does when he translates Romans
12:22 - don't let the world around you squeeze you into its mold. There
will be special pressures on God's children in the end time to conform
to the standards - the fashions - the morality and the trends of the
time. There will be tremendous pressure on God's people to live a
lifestyle just like everybody else in the world does.
I was watching some of our guys moving this organ over today and
I thought about the story I heard of the guy who had his grandfather
clock in a wheel barrow taking it to be repaired. A guy across the
street saw him pushing the wheel barrow and grandfather clock and he
hollered and said, hey man, why can't you wear a wrist watch like the
rest of us do. That is the attitude of the day in which we live.
Everybody is to be alike. So, if you break stride, if you dare to be
different, if you dare to live your life on a higher level there will
be LL -n(nus pressure in the end time to conform.
Then, I think the Bible also teaches that there will be special
temptations on Christians at the end time. The devil will do everything
he can to tempt you and to cause you to give in in the last days.
That's why I think the Bible says we are to comfort one another. We are

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