How the New Birth Has, Can, and Should Affect Us by Johnny Hunt

How the New Birth Has, Can, and Should Affect Us
Johnny Hunt
I Peter 1:23-2:3

INTRODUCTION: The Bible, in many different places, magnifies the effect the ‘‘New Birth’’ causes. It helps us to realize the power and impact of the ‘‘gospel’’ on our lives. The truth is, it affects every area of our life. It affects what I believe and how I behave. It affects how I think and what I do. It affects where I will go and what I will say. And if I act contrary to its truths, I become overwhelmingly aware of it. With this being said, let’s allow the text to speak for itself.


‘‘having been born again’’ - perfect participle; emphasizes the continuing results of the previous new birth; the new birth occurred in the past with ongoing results in the present. A former event, the consequences of which continue.

EXAMPLE: January 7th, 1973 (43 years ago)
I was born again!

To stay in the context of Scripture, it is as though Peter is saying that believers are to love one another to the fullest extent (sincerely/fervently) because it is consistent with your new life in Christ.
‘‘not of corruptible seed but incorruptible’’ - seed represents the source of life (the Word of God). God did not affect the new birth using seed which is perishable.

In contrast to how an earthly father initiates human birth with his corruptible seed, God initiates the spiritual birth with an imperishable seed. Everything that grows from natural seeds is a sovereign creation of God, but it all eventually dies. However, sinners born again of God’s Spirit gain eternal life. That is because He uses the imperishable seed of the living and abiding Word of God.

The ‘‘Word of God’’ is either the spoken word of God (in gospel proclamation) or the written word of God (in the Bible).

‘‘The implications for evangelism are obvious: ultimately it is neither our arguments nor our life example that will bring new life to an unbeliever, but the powerful words of God ...

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