by Jerry Vines

Acts 12
Dr. Vines 9/28/86
I find this chapter to be a very intriguing chapter. There is an
intriguing triangle in this chapter. There is a hostile world attacking,
a beleaguered church praying, and a pray-answering God intervening. What I
want to do, rather than dealing with all of the details of this particular
chapter, I want to summarize the chapter for you and try to draw from it the
central lessons of the entire chapter. Sometimes, if you are not careful, you
will get so embedded in the individual details of the Word of God that you may
miss some of the wider, over-all greater lessons of the entire section. I want
to just summarize it and just draw some lessons for our hearts.
The chapter begins with an account of King Herod who arrests one of the
disciples of Jesus named James. James was the brother of John. The Bible says
that Herod put James to death. When he did it pleased the Jews. They were glad
at the death of James, one of our Lord's disciples. When Herod saw that this
was true, being a man who always courted the favor of the crowds, who was
willing if necessary to murder to give himself personal angrandizment, moved
secondly to arrest Simon Peter. His purpose, of course, was to do the same
thing for Simon Peter. So he put Simon Peter in jail and he was planning to
put him to death too. The church went to God in prayer. They prayed and prayed
and prayed. They prayed that God would deliver His man, Simon Peter. God heard
their prayers according to the chapter and he sent one of his mission
impossible angels, opened up the doors of the prison and delivered Simon
Peter. Immediately, Simon Peter left the prison, having been miraculously
delivered and went to the prayer meeting. As the chapter reveals it was easier
for him to get out of the prison than it was to get into the prayer meeting.
They were absolutely astonished God had answered their prayers. Then the
chapter closes with an account of Herod ...

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