Acts 4:13-21 by Jerry Vines

Acts 4:13-21
Dr. Vines 4/13/86
The Lord Jesus, before He went back to heaven, before His crucifixion on
the cross, had said to the disciples that they would be called upon in
unexpected situations to bear a witness for Him and to stand for their faith.
The Lord Jesus assured them on that occasion that they would not have to stand
in their own strength. Nor, would they have to depend upon their own
inventions as to what they were going to say. The Lord Jesus said to them, "It
is not ye that speak, but it is the spirit of your father that speaketh in
you." The Spirit of God has been poured out upon them at the day of Pentecost.
Now, in the full power of that Spirit-indwelling, these disciples are
fulfilling what Jesus said they were going to do. The two apostles, Pete-r and
John, are standing before the Jewish Sanhedrin. They are called to give an
account for their faith. They are answering for their faith. In I Peter 3:15
the Bible says:
"But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts:
and be ye ready always to give an answer to
every man that asketh a reason of the hope
that is in you with meekness and fear."
The Bible tells us that we are always to be ready, always prepared to give a
reason for the faith -- a reason for the hope we have in the Lord Jesus
Chri-st. So, they stand on that occasion and they give a clear-cut, unafraid,
unequivocal testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ. The men on that Sanhedrin
were gripped by an undeniable, irresistible fact. They noticed, the Scripture
says, that these men had been with Jesus. And be with Jesus, indeed they had.
For three years they had traveled with Jesus Christ. On those occasions they
had listened to the words of Jesus. They had heard Jesus as He taught the
Sermon on the Mount. They had listened to the magnificent, wonderful parables
that Jesus had given. They had seen the things Jesus did. They saw Jesus give
sight to blind eyes. They observed when the Lord Jesus made it possible for
men to hear who never had heard before. They had felt the stinging rebukes of
the Lord. They had been blessed by the comforting and encouraging uplifting
words of the Lord Jesus Christ. For three years they had walked in intimate
fellowship with Jesus Christ. I want to say to you that it would be totally
impossible for anyone to have a three-year experience with Jesus and remain
the same. Having been with Jesus they never again could be the saiee-. it ought
to be said about every child of God. It should be true of me, it should be
true of you, of everyone of us in this service tonight, that we have been with
Jesus. That is a companionship that transforms. You cannot have fellowship
with Jesus Christ and remain the same person. There is something different
about a life that walks in close proximity to the Lord Jesus Christ. People
know when we have been in the presence of Jesus. We are to walk with Jesus
daily and as we walk with Jesus, there is a change which comes over our liv ...

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