Acts 3:1-10 by Jerry Vines

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ACTS 3:1-10
Dr. Vines 3/2/86
Verse one is a marvelous testimony to the power of prayer, and to the
indwelling Holy Spirit in the life of believers. John and Simon Peter, so very
different, now united, going up together to the temple at the hour of prayer.
When you read the gospel accounts about these two disciples of Jesus, you
discover, indeed, how very different they were. Simon Peter was an outgoing,
gregarious kind of man. Simon Peter was a man who always had an answer, he
always had a word. John, on the other hand, was more contemplative, more
reflective, and he seems to have been more mystical of nature. There is
evidence to indicate when you look at these two men that they really did not
get along a great deal together. Yet, now that the Lord Jesus has been
resurrected, has gone back to the right hand of the father, the Spirit of God
has been poured out in power upon them, now hand in hand - heart to heart -
they go up together to the temple at the hour of prayer. Isn't it a wonderful
thing how Jesus can bring believers who are so very different from one
another, together in the name of Jesus Christ? The key, of course, is loving
Jesus Christ. If I love Jesus the way I ought to love Him. If you love Jesus
the way you ought to love Him, then somehow you and I can get along. We can
love one another. We can walk together. We can have fellowship in the things
of the Lord. So, at the hour of prayer, Peter and John are going up to the
temple. There were three times when the Jews gathered in the temple to pray.
They gathered together at 9:00 in the morning. They also gathered at 12:00.
Then the ninth hour - 3:00 in the afternoon. A lot of memories must have
flooded their hearts that day as they went up to prayer at 3:00 in the
afternoon. It was on that same occasion, several days before that, that the
Lord Jesus had hung upon the cross. At this very hour, the Lord Jesus had
cried, "My God, my God why hast thou forsaken me?" All of this was over now.
He had been buried. For three days he had been in the grave. He had been
raised from the dead victoriously. He has not gone back to the father and they
have been given the assignment to witness to others in his name. On the way to
the temple that day, the Bible says they had an unexpected opportunity to be a
witness for the Lord Jesus. Jesus gave the Great Commission. A rough
paraphrase puts it this way: As you are going, make disciples. On the way, as
you are going, in the course of the living out of your life, make disciples,
be a witness for me. Sometimes some of the most wonderful opportunities to
witness for Jesus come at times when we really do not expect it. Unexpected
opportunities. Unexpected blessings come our way when we are faithful to be a
witness for the Lord.
Several months ago, Janet and I on a Saturday, were eating together in a
restaurant. In the course of the meal that day we began to ...

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