Why Bad Things Happen To God's People by Jerry Vines

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II Cor.12:1-10
Dr. Vines 11/10/85
We saw beginning in the tenth chapter of this book that Paul was
forced by his enemies to defend himself. He really didn't want to do it and yet
they forced his hand and caused Paul to have to respond to the charges that
were being made against him. So, the twelfth chapter really continues that
theme. If you were organizing that twelfth chapter around divisions, you would
find a three-fold division to the chapter. In the first thirteen verses Paul
vindicates his calling. He points out to them that he is called of God to be an
apostle. Then beginning in verse 14 and going down through verse 19, Paul
indicates his compassion. He shows in these words that he had a genuine love
for them, that his compassion was very real and this is why he defended
himself. Then in the last two verses of the chapter, Paul demonstrates his
concern. He points out the fact that he is greatly concerned about the problems
of sin which are prevalent in the believers in the city of Corinth. As so
often happens in the midst of these passages where Paul is dealing with
personal matters, he gives to us one of the classic scriptures in all of the
Bible. Right in the midst of this great time of personal turmoil Paul gives to
us a gem of Scripture that deals with the problem which is very real in our
daily lives.
This past week I've had the opportunity to talk with several of God's
people. Several of them have discussed with me some bad things that have
happened in their lives. There are some of God's children who are going through
some very, very difficult times. Some of God's people have some problems that
are very, very real. All of God's people, if we understand it, claim the
Scripture that says: "All things work together for good to them that love the
Lord." Yet, quite frankly, there are many things that happen to us that ar ...

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