The Father Who Acted Like a Clown by Rex Yancey

The Father Who Acted Like a Clown
Rex Yancey
Genesis 19:14

A circus was set up a couple miles outside of town and was to open to the public that afternoon. But a fire broke out at the circus and they were unprepared to deal with it. So, one of the clowns, already in costume, ran into town for help shouting, ''The circus is on fire!'' But when the people saw the clown they mistakenly assumed that this was just a gimmick to get them out to the circus grounds. They laughed at him and refused to take him seriously. The clown pleaded with them again and again until his eyes were filled with tears, but to no avail. It wasn't until they saw the smoke that they believed-but by then it was too late to save the circus.

One of my friends, who is now passed on, was known for his tall tales. He pulled up to the community store and someone said to him, ''Tell us a lie right quick, since we have not heard one today.'' He said, ''Boys, I can't, my house is on fire and I need some help. He peeled the rubber from his tires leaving the store. Cars lined up behind him and it looked like a funeral procession. However, when everyone arrived-there was no fire. He had told them a tall tale and they believed it hook, line, and sinker.

When the Divine messenger arrived in Sodom to deliver Lot, the Bible says that Lot tried to warn his family. The Bibles says, ''But he seemed as one that mocked unto his sons-in-law.''

I want us to skim over his life to see why he seemed as a clown to his family.

In Genesis 13:10, God revealed himself to Abraham. He had called him from his homeland to follow him by faith. Abraham took his nephew Lot with him. At this time, Abraham thought Lot would be his heir. However, the land would not take care of all the cattle both of them had. Therefore, there was a strife between the servants of Abraham and Lot.

Abraham did not want a family feud so he gave Lot the option of choosing which direction he woul ...

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