The Bible, The Lottery And New Testament Giving by Jerry Vines

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Dr. Jerry Vines - 9/16/90
You may recall that we spent several Sunday nights studying
together the great 15th Chapter of I Corinthians which is the
resurrection chapter. All through that chapter we have been thrilled as
we have read about the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and our
future resurrection as Children of God. Jesus rose again from the dead
and you and I have the hope that one day we also are going to experience
a resurrection. We rejoiced in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and we
rejoiced in the new body believers are going to receive. In once of the
word we have been walking in the heavenlies for about 4 Sunday nights.
Now we come to the concluding subject matter of I Corinthians. We are
all up in the heavenlies, all excited, all thrilled. What in the world
is Paul going to deal with now to continue this excitement and thrill.
He begins chapter 16 by saying, "Now concerning the collection." If you
want to kill the joy in the average baptist meeting just start talking
about the collection. That is probably the saddest time of the service.
In fact normally you have to get people standing up and singing a song
when the collection is taken. In fact, there are some baptists that
when the offering plate is pass we ought to sing the song, "when we
asunder part, it gives us inward pain.,' It certainly is not a subject
that normally is associated with great spirituality. Yet, the apostle
Paul lays before us the subject of the giving and he does it right in
the context of the great theme of spiritual matters. Of course, you
know that God's children live in two realms. Our hearts are in heaven
and our feet are on this earth. We are rejoicing in the sweet by and
by, but we also know that the Christian life applies to the nitty gritty
of the hear and now. The Bible is a wonderful book. It is a wonderful
book because it shows us ...

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