Corinthians 15:50-58 by Jerry Vines

I Corinthians 15:50-58
Dr. Vines
Sometimes I like to think about I Corinthians 15 as a mighty,
majestic symphony. It is a symphony about the glorious resurrection
which awaits the believer. Sometimes, in a symphony, there is a
recurring refrain. There is a refrain that occurs over and over again
all the way through. As you read this great chapter about the
believer's resurrection, you will discover all the way through there
occurs the great song, the great refrain, of the resurrection of the
Lord Jesus Christ. Because Jesus rose again from the dead those who
know Christ as their personal Savior are going to also experience a
glorious resurrection. I have never discussed this with them, but I
have often wondered if Bill Gaither did not really take his
inspiration for the song we use of his so frequently from this chapter.
"Because He lives I can face tomorrow, Because He lives all fear is
gone, Because I know who holds the future and life is worth the living
just because He lives. That's a pretty good commentary of what Paul is
writing in these verses. It is because Jesus Christ rose again that
life has meaning and purpose for you and me. It is because Jesus rose
again that we have the hope and the confidence that one day we will see
our loved ones again. It is because that Jesus Christ lives that you
and I have a hope in the hour of death. Jesus Christ won the victory.
He won the victory on the cross and he also won the victory in the tomb.
Therefore you and I can win the victory over every battle we face in
daily life. We will win the victory on the death bed and we will win
the victory in the cemetery.
I heard about a young preacher who was going to visit an aged,
dying saint. He went to comfort her and as they were talking she said
to him, "Pastor, I'm not going to die." He smiled and said, "Oh, you
have trusted in the Lord and he is giving you comfort in the time of
your death." "Oh, no, pastor, I do not expect to die." He thought in
her dying condition that her mind was wandering a little bit and he
said, "What makes you exempt from death?" She said, "I died a long
time ago." He knew by then she was surely insane. He said, "Sister,
what do you mean?" She said, "I died 2,000 years ago. When Jesus died,
I died. When He was crucified, I was crucified. When He rose again, I
rose again. Death is far behind me. A glorious future awaits me. I'm
not going to die." That's the good news of the Gospel for you and
for me tonight. It is the good news that the victory which Christ won
on the cross, in the tomb and through the clouds is available for me and
you in every situation.
Follow the thought in these climatic words of this great
symphony of the resurrection of the believer. There are several truths
which are precious to the heart of God's people tonight. First of all,
notice -
I. Our Personal Change. vs. 50-53.
Here he lays before us this glorious truth of our personal
change. Notice twice ...

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