You Recognize That These Are The Closing Words Of The Apostle by Jerry Vines

S > Dr. Vines 9/6/87
You recognize that these are the closing words of the apostle
Paul to the young man, Timothy. So far as we know this is the last
letter which ever came from the inspired pen of the apostle Paul. He
is gathering together his closing thoughts as he gives words of
encouragment and instruction and inspiration to the young preacher
boy, Timothy. He is writing from a full mind and a full heart as he
closes out his words just before he goes home to be with the Lord.
There is an earnest desire in his heart that he might be able to see
once again the young man, Timothy. That's why in verse 9 he says: Do
thy diligence ot come shortly unto me. He is saying to do your very
best to come and come as soon as you can. Down in verse 21 he says -
do thy diligence to come before winter. Why did Paul say come before
winter. That will be the theme of the final message I'll bring in II
Timothy but we will look at other things for a little while today.
What are the closing thoughts on the mind of this great apostle Paul
as he comes to the end of the journey. As I look at these verse I see
first of all he talks about some personalities. Second of all, he
will discuss a little bit some necessities. Thirdly, he will close
out with some victories.
Let's look, first of all, at the personalities that Paul
mentions in these verses. If my count is correct there are about 17
names mentioned by Paul in these closing words. He sends words of
greetings to some people. He makes reference to some other people and
he mentions in all 17 different people. Oh, how this man Paul loved
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peopleW - was in'the people busines. Paul was interested in people
be(caus --t Id the Lord Jesus came into the world for people,
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Youyyh~~-r- 0 people like Jesus loved people and the way
thed~ people. I think Paul a ...

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